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Post Paddy’s Day Inspiration

20 Mar

Ugh. Praise Allah that scurrilous day is behind us once more. Now, away from the green McFlurries and unfortunately titled Nike runners and back to the serious bidness of making work.

This site is good place to start:

<thanks EmOG>


On The Road

8 Mar

We’re on our first proper JOLT outing tomorrow, boarding the galmorous City Link bus and taking in the awe-inspiring spectacle of the motorway and other big, straight roads. Mmmmmmmm. Concrete.

But any excuse to hit the road is welcome and when the excuse is theatre-related it makes us even more gleeful. Tomorrow night Dylan Tighe presents work as part of the Corcdorca-led Theatre Development Centre (TDC) at Triskel Arts Centre in Cork where showings take place every week, following a five day residency by an artist. The performances are free of charge and kick off at 6pm as works in progress. We are particularly excited about this weekend as there is also a discussion on Saturday morning about playwrights in the artistic community.

See you there?

 by Dylan Tighe

RECORD aims to shift consciousness around the representation of mental health and uses as its starting point
 Dylan Tigheʼs personal history, biography and archive of mental health diagnosis, treatment and experience

 Friday March 9th at 6pm

 in The Theatre Development Centre, Triskel Christchurch, Tobin Street, Cork.
Admission is free.

Dylan Tighe has been described as “fearless, willing to shed all inhibitions to satisfy his vision…the creator of audacious and inspired theatrical experiences (Sunday Tribune). With RECORD the director of the 2009 Irish Times Award for Best production (The Stomach Box’s ‘No Worst There is None’) launches a new project which explores and interrogates depression and ‘mental illness’ with courage, imagination, subversive humour and radical honesty.
Re-imagining the scope of the theatrical event itself ‘RECORD’ is a multi-format project combining the release of an album of original songs, a theatre performance, and related discursive events during the festival.
RECORD aims to shift consciousness around the representation of mental health and uses as its starting point Dylan Tigheʼs personal history, biography and archive of mental health diagnosis, treatment and experience.
The showing will present rough ideas which will feed into the final piece, developed over the week with input from Designer Aedín Cosgrove.

Project Credits:

Concept, Direction, Songs, Lyrics: Dylan Tighe
Design: Aedín Cosgrove
16mm Film; Paul Prendergast and Dylan Tighe
Advisor: Pat Bracken (Psychiatrist and author of ‘Trauma’: Culture, Meaning and Philosophy)
Album Produced and Engineered by Jimmy Eadie

A Cork Midsummer Festival and Dylan Tighe Production

Let us summer in Cork

6 Mar
Our buddies, Solstice in Cork, have a free gaff for a month and they’re mad keen to fill it with funky creatives who can get on the Cork Midsummer buzz, like.
For more details on this most excellent opportunity see below:

SOLSTICE, the hit of last year’s Cork Midsummer Festival, is back!
The brightest emerging artists will descend upon Cork in June.
A memorable five day event!
Running from the 27th June to the 1st of July, SOLSTICE is a youth-led initiative created entirely by young
people as part of Cork Midsummer Festival.

“It’s about community, it’s an opportunity to come together, to find new ways of being together. We are taking
responsibility, we are building something new. We want to connect more with the city this year, to reach out
and start a conversation with the people of Cork. We are bringing some really exciting artists to town, some
will stay for the whole month of June as part of our THIS IS TOUGH LOVE EVERYBODY residency and even more
will join us for Solstice but all of them will have something to offer to our city by the Lee. Ireland might still
be filled with doom and gloom, things are difficult out there, we know this but the last thing to leave the ship
before it sinks is Hope and we have barrels of that to offer! Maybe we won’t sink after all, well not if Solstice
can have anything to do with it”.
SOLSTICE was one of the top hits of Cork Midsummer Festival last year and are again seeking submissions for
2012. SOLSTICE wants to hear from you. You can submit your work for inclusion in the event by completing
the online application at Solstice is a curated event which offers a platform for the
presentation of new art works in the disciplines of theatre, dance, music, film and visual art.
Tom Creed, new Festival Director of Cork Midsummer Festival, remarked: “Solstice was in full swing when I
arrived to take up my role as Festival Director last year: it was an inspiring and energising four days and gave
me real hope for the future of the arts in Cork and Ireland. I am delighted to invite these four hugely talented
young curators to build on the tremendous success of the 2011 event, and create a second edition of Solstice as
part of my first Festival programme. I would encourage artists and audiences to join us and see what the future
might look like.”
Solstice are also delighted to announce that thanks to the European Commission’s Youth in Action fund they
will be offering a month long residency in Cork and mentorship by a key figure from the Irish Arts scene to
five lucky young Irish practitioners and one European artist. All six artists as part of the This Is Tough Love
Everybody residency will live and work in Cork for the whole month of June and will be given the opportunity
to showcase the work they develop at Solstice as part of Cork Midsummer Festival. Guidelines and application
forms for TITLE are also available from

SOLSTICE will be at Gulp’d Cafe Mon 12th March from 10am – 12am for informal discussions about the event and proposals from prospective artists
Solstice has been created with the support of Youth in Action from the European Commission, the Cork City
Council Arts Office and Cork Midsummer Festival.

Arise From Your Chocolate Coma

2 Mar

The week after Easter, JOLT is offering theatre artists a day-long workshop with THEATREclub’s Grace Dyas and Barry O’Connor for a mere €10 and, subsequently, the opportunity to present their ideas as  works in progress at the Studio (Town Hall Theatre), fully promoted, presented and supported by JOLT. This opportunity is open to theatre makers (writers, directors, collaborators) across Ireland and will take place in Galway.

Grace Dyas is one third of THEATREclub. Grace is a writer, a director and sometimes she produces things or makes new things happen. She is currently in residency at Studio 468 run by Common Ground and Rialto Development association, where she is working with Rialto Community Drug Team to develop a theatre workshop program for people in addiction. She is also developing a new show called HISTORY, currently in development with THEATREclub, in association with The Family Resource Centre, Dublin City Council and St Michael’s Estate Inchicore.

Work with THEATREclub to date includes  THE FAMILY and TWENTY TEN both co-produced by Project Arts Centre, ROUGH, for which she received the FISHAMBLE NEW WRITING AWARD (ABSOLUT Fringe 2009  & axis, Ballymun 2010) and GROUP THERAPY FOR ONE (ABSOLUT Fringe, Kilkenny Arts Festival 2010) which were both nominated for the Spirit of The Fringe award.

Her play HEROIN won the Spirit of The Fringe Award in 2010 and was included as part of the ReViewed program at Dublin Theatre Festival 2011.

Barry O’Connor is an actor, first and foremost. He sometimes stoops over a typewriter late into the night and believes this constitutes being a writer.

He strives to make sense of his world, and the world of those around him. Barry is interested in theatre as a means of looking at our society with clarity.

He is interested in work that doesn’t pontificate a single answer but instead instigates a dialogue with ALL concerned parties.

He believes in a theatre that can help us laugh in the face of hopelessness, guide in the face of ignorance and call attention to our lives just in the nick of time.

The JOLT workshop with Grace and Barry will take place on Saturday 14th April from 11am to 7pm at the Town Hall Theatre and lunch will be provided for all participants at no extra cost.

Participants will collaborate as a group on their individual ideas, having discussed their proposal with Grace via email, prior to the workshop. The focus of the session will be devising original work.

The week after the workshop, some rehearsal space will be made available so that work can be developed.

The fruits of the workshop and the week in development will then be presented on Saturday 21st & Sunday 22nd  as a series of works in progress. The pieces can be anywhere between ten and thirty minutes in length and will be followed by audience Q&A on both nights as well as JOLT panel feedback.

So, how might you avail of this wondrous opportunity, you may well ask? Simply read the brief below and respond via email to before Friday 30th March.

The Brief

We would like to hear from theatre artists with an original idea.

Your theatre experience will be taken into account but it is your idea that will be the deciding factor in your application – the bolder the better.

Please explain your idea. (30 words or less)


Why do you want to make this piece of work? (100 words or less)


Do you have any resources that will help you to realise this work – I.E.: actors, costume, rehearsal space, collaborators? (100 words or less)


How do you think your idea relates / speaks to the wider community? (100 words or less)

Please respond to all of the above questions in an email along with a paragraph outlining your theatre experience, full name and phone number by 30th March 2012.


The Boring but Important Bits

Places are limited.

Before applying participants should ensure they are free on 14th, 21st & 22nd of April and some dates in between for rehearsal and development.

Applicants will be notified as to the status of their application by Wednesday 4th April.

This phase of JOLT is open to artists across Ireland but, regrettably, we are unable to provide accommodation for the workshop or performance dates for those living outside of Galway.

Applications may be made on behalf of theatre companies, but only one representative (the applicant) will be considered for the workshop.

JOLT is grant aided by Galway City Council.

Workshop fee of €10 is non-refundable.

JOLT, you say?

2 Mar


Verb: Push or shake (someone or something) abruptly and roughly.

Noun: An abrupt rough or violent movement.


If you Google JOLT, you’ll get a link to a gaming site and a load of info about the soft drink of the same name. So if you’ve stumbled upon this site looking for a sugar or gambling fix I’m afraid it’s worse than both of these combined: this site is about theatre (that’s it, run along).

Or rather, this JOLT is about theatre; the site will concern itself with many related and seemingly unrelated things.

We’re based in Galway, Ireland. We’re aiming to help people create new, exciting theatre. What we mean by that is: theatre that wakes you up and sparks something in you; shows that are unpredictable; performances that leave you

a) moved

b) changed utterly

c) inspired

d) all of the above


We don’t think we’re aiming too high. We think the best is yet to come.

We look forward to engaging with you on site and for rizzle.