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20 Apr

F is for FINISHED, as in this alphabet craic. Prematurely perhaps but that’s because our performances are good to go after this evening’s technical rehearsal so do come join us at 7pm tomorrow (Saturday) 21st April in the Town Hall Studio. Admission is Z for zero.

We’re posting some pics of this evening’s rehearsal to whet your appetite. Enjoy!

Martin Sharry in Greg Chuckles & Friends

Genevieve Taricco in Serotonin Syndrome

Dick Walsh in Dangerman

Mary Conroy in My Face, Look



20 Apr

E is for Eat, a vital component to any creative process and what could be more delicious and inventive than the lasagne cupcake? Yes. Lasagne Cupcakes. NYOM.


19 Apr

D is for Dance. On this occasion the magical moves of Washington-based Pilobolus Dance Theatre‘s ‘Shadowland’


18 Apr

C is for Cindy Chang, an artist whose interactive projects aim to improve cities and communities through the glorious medium of creativity.

Some of these initiatives remind us of Absolut Fringe’s ‘I’m Afraid’ in 2011 which saw Dublin residents make some very colourful additions to their city.

Well, if you’re feeling productive Cindy does suggest a starter kit for those willing to take art into their own hands . . . .


17 Apr

Because we’re so fired up about our upcoming JOLT performances we’re whipping up two rounds of alphabet soup today.

B is for Basics and Kurt Vonnegut has a few when it comes to writing stories. OK, OK, admittedly that was a bad segue but we might not get to K this week and we certainly won’t reach S or W and this video is so good it must be played now. Today. For you.

Watch it.


17 Apr

This week five theatre makers have gone into dark rooms to brood on their ideas. Well, the likelihood is that tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands or even millions of theatre makers are doing this all over the world, but we’re referring specifically to Mary Conroy, Genevieve Taricco, Yvonne Coughlan, Martin Sharry, Richard Walsh and Feilim O’hAolain who will take to the Town Hall Studio, Galway (Ireland, the world, the universe etc) this Saturday with their works in progress.

Because of this, we’ve decided to show moral support and get some (more) creativity into the ether by publishing links to some fun, key, funky, inspirational sites that we have come across.

Feel free to join the conversation by posting your own suggestions below.

Today is A for Art: ‘The Best Street Art of 2011’

JOLT (almost two)

16 Apr

It was about this time last year that a team of local artists attacked the Town Hall Studio with cloths, paint brushes and the type of gusto they would normally apply to a performance. The result was a sparkling clean revamped Studio space, all ready for the first installment of JOLT performances. So it is fitting then that almost a year later another team of artists are set to re-enter the performance space with shiny new ideas under the second phase of JOLT.

Last Saturday Mary Conroy, Genevieve Taricco, Yvonne Coughlan, Martin Sharry, Richard Walsh and Feilim O’hAolain participated in our day-long workshop with Grace Dyas and Barry O’Connor and after thrashing out ideas, stepping in different directions and reaching some conclusions, the artists now begin a week of rehearsal in the Town Hall Theatre. They will perform short extracts of their works in progress on Saturday 21st April at 7pm in the Town Hall Studio and invite audience feedback for future development. Entry is free and all are welcome.

With themes ranging from the death of a comedian to a synthetic beach, the effects of social media to a conversation without words, this new batch of performances promises to be diverse, ambitious and original so don’t frickin miss it.

ABOVE: Genevieve, Mary & Feilim enjoying paper cups

ABOVE: Rich perfects the thoughtful gaze while Yvonne looks on happily