Applying for February Workshops

1 Feb

As you know from our constant fanfare, we are hosting a series of workshops this February. For further information on the workshops see the previous post.

If you would like to apply for either series of February workshops all you need to do is email and include the following:

– WORKSHOP in the subject bar

– Your name and telephone number

– The workshop you wish to apply for. Please list in order of preference, even if booking an entire day of workshops. We will do our best to allocate an entire day to those interested but this depends on demand.

– A short paragraph on how you think this workshop / series will benefit you as a theatre maker

– Any requirements you have that we should know about

– Indicate whether or not you are also submitting an application for Creative Quickies

Before applying please note the following:

– The deadline for applications is 5pm on Wednesday 6th February. Late applications will not be accepted

– Places are limited on certain workshops so in some cases, alas, disappointment will be unavoidable

– JOLT reserves the right to accept and reject submissions at its discretion

– Whether you attend a single workshop or a day of workshops, the cost is €10. We still think this is a pretty good deal and we are not a bank (thank God) so this is the simplest way to organise the weekends. Please take note of this before applying.

– The workshop fee has to be paid in cash upon registering on the day of the workshops

Email any questions to


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