Workshop Weekender I

11 Feb

On Saturday 9th February a fine assortment of theatre makers got up fairly early (did we mention it was Saturday?) and came to Druid Lane Theatre for a whole day of workshops, ranging from the ‘inspirational’ Little John Nee to the ‘hugely informative’ table talks with Jane Daly and Jen Coppinger and the straight-talkin’ David Parnell (Head of Theatre, Arts Council of Ireland). The day was interspersed with cups of tea, pastries and Viscount biscuits, and topped off with a panel discussion on Making Theatre NOW which saw conversation meandering into a range of topics, from the role of the playwright in modern theatre, to the definition of professionalism, to embracing the idea of networking.

A huge thank you to all who gave their time.


There are still some places left on next Saturday’s (16th Feb) workshops. Email with a brief paragraph about how these workshops would benefit your practice. Workshops cost €10 each or €10 for all.

Applications accepted until Wed 13th Feb at 5pm.

10:00 Registration

10:30 Workshop in Marketing with Sinéad McPhillips

12 noon Workshop in Production Management with Eamonn Fox

2:30 Workshop in devising and collaboration with WillFredd (Follow)

NB: Places are limited and filling up quickly.


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