Scratch Scripts seeks writers, actors & directors

26 Nov


JOLT is kicking off the new year with Scratch Scripts, an event which primarily serves writers and new writing. We are looking for writers, directors and actors to make this happen on Sunday 26th January 2014.

The evening runs as a rehearsed reading with two major differences:

1. Each excerpt is no longer than ten minutes

2. After each reading there is a discussion with the audience, actors, writers & director about the piece

This is a fantastic opportunity for writers to bring something they have been working on to an audience and a creative team. The ten minute piece does not have to be a whole play in ten minutes. It should be part of a  longer piece of work – the audience will be given the context of the work prior to the reading of the piece by way of introduction. Writers will prepare three questions they would like to ask the audience about their piece and this will frame the discussion after their reading.


Scratch Scripts is open to writers of all ages and experience but the following guidelines must be adhered to:

– Submissions should be no longer than ten minutes when read (as a guide, one page roughly equals one minute)

– Submissions should contain no more than five characters (this is because we cannot realistically facilitate large casts for multiple readings in one evening)

– Submissions should be spell checked and formatted: Arial 11pt font; pages numbered; single spacing. We ask you to follow this guide for further formatting.

– We cannot emphasize this enough so we’re saying it again: formatted and spell checked, people. Badly spelled, poorly formatted documents will not serve you well.

– Scripts in English or Irish will be accepted

– Be aware that characters in your script may be read by actors of the opposite sex and/or by actors  differing in age to your characters and that your script may be read sitting down, without movement, blocking or technical elements

– Think about what you would like to gain from this experience. Is there something you are unsure about in your story? Do you want to ask questions about one of your characters? Is there a particular style that you would like to try out in your writing? What is the most interesting scene you could submit or the one in which you, as a writer, have the most to gain from this format?

– Be open to audience discussion. If you do not want to listen to other people’s opinions about your work then Scratch Scripts is not the event for you. Having said that, discussions will be facilitated by JOLT and we will ask for constructive feedback: this is not an opportunity for anyone to tear your work apart.

– Please submit your script as a Word Document no later than Friday 10th January 5pm along with a paragraph about your writing aspirations and what you hope to gain from Scratch Scripts. Submit via email to

*A maximum of two entries per playwright will be accepted*

Scripts will be selected at the discretion of JOLT and JOLT reserves the right to accept or decline submissions.


Scratch Scripts needs five strong actors to perform each piece of work.

Actors must be versatile, confident and experienced.

Actors must be willing to give up one day (Sunday 26th January) to rehearse and perform scripts.

Email with your CV and Scratch Scripts Actor in the subject line before Friday 17th January at 5pm if you are interested.


Scratch Scripts seeks directors (min 1, max 5) to direct submissions.

Directors must be willing to give up one day (Sunday 26th January) to rehearse and perform the scripts and some time prior to read the scripts.

Email with your CV and Scratch Scripts Director in the subject line before Friday 17th January at 5pm if you are interested.

Note: JOLT is currently revising the budget for Scratch Scripts and intends to cover food expenses for Sunday 26th January with the possibility of a nominal fee but for those in search of lucrative opportunities we should warn you that Scratch Scripts may fail to meet your expectations. Would that we could!


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