Volition: the story so far (part one)

2 Dec
Credit: Martin Maguire; Volition mentor meeting, November 2013

Credit: Martin Maguire; Volition mentor meeting, November 2013

Unless this is your first visit to our site, you’ll know that our nine month mentored theatre programme, Volition, kicked off in September, and you may be wondering what has been happening since then. Well, wonder no more – here is a brief overview of the past few exciting months.

The eight participants of Volition and mentors Róisín Stack & Craig Flaherty have been busy attending, discussing, brain storming, organising, sharing, writing and mulling over creative endeavours since September. The first stop on the Volition journey was Galway Theatre Festival, followed swiftly by Baboró and ending with with TULCA. Throughout these festivals, participants attended performances, workshops, tours and mixers. They got to know one another a little better, meeting up to discuss shows and sharing their reviews via email, all the while relating their experiences to their individual ideas for their Volition project.

In early November, the first Volition workshop took place with Little John Nee which gave participants the chance to discuss and try out their ideas, taking them out of their heads and onto to their feet for the first time ever.

All the while, emails were exchanged, ideas developed, opinions put forward, arguments trashed out. Debates sprung up on story, audience, why we make work and who decides what is worthwhile. It was clear that the nine month programme was going to provide lively discourse and that no stone would be left unturned in the pursuit of creativity.

As we now enter December, participants prepare for a workshop with Noeline Kavanagh of Macnas and a table meeting to chat about the on-going development of the work. Some participants have already started collaborating and going into the rehearsal room with one another – proof positive of the ambition and hunger of these fantastic eight artists.

In the meantime, emails still fly back and forth along with suggestions, questions, doubts and declarations as ideas morph and Volition continues to grow.

We couldn’t have imagined a better start. There is such chemistry, dedication, creativity and consideration among these eight artists that the process is already proving hugely exciting, diverse and encouraging.

We can’t wait to see what happens next . . . stay tuned for further updates.

Below: a wordcloud made from emails exchanged over the past ten weeks; Some of the links shared by participants.

JOLT Volition word cloud

New York Times – ‘Slaves of the Internet, Unite!

Grayson Perry’s Reith Lectures: Who decides what makes art good?

Gregory Sholette: ‘Artists, Embrace your Redundancy’

Meme: While Their Kids Sleep, These Parents Pretend That Plastic Dinosaurs Come to Life

Video: Olivier de Sagazan ‘No Need for Words’

Video: Attraction ‘The Audition’

Volition is made possible with funding from the Arts Council of Ireland and Galway City Council


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