Volition 2014 #1: We Make Gods

10 May

From now until the Volition performance event on Saturday 17th May we will feature regular pieces about each of the works in progress you will see on the night. These are presented in no particular order so embrace the randomness.

We Make Gods is about the world we have created, which doesn’t have time for mythology, dreaming or imagination. But without them we would never have come as far as we have and if they are lost then we won’t be going any further. We need a new mythology, a new pantheon of contemporary gods that will bless and betray us. Either way it’s okay, because we make gods.

Volition artist: Evan Lordan

Evan makes work with Conflicted Theatre. They already have plans for We Make Gods and are running a Fundit campaign to raise money for a full production this summer. You can support them by donating here.



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