Volition: the story so far (epilogue)

2 Jun

Evan page 9

It’s hard to believe we’re here. Done. Dusted. Nine months of workshops, chats, shows, showings, meetings, tea cups, scripts, sketches, ups and downs, now all in the past, a mountain of creative hot ashes in our wake  . . . . too much? Look, it has been emotional. We’re allowed to get dramatic here.

On Saturday 17th May we presented eight pieces of work from our eight Volition artists on the main stage of the Town Hall Theatre. The diversity, ambition and integrity of each work was immense. We could not have asked for a better representation of the eight participants, each one taking a risk in their own way, each one stepping in a new direction. They each searched and fought for something that they brought into the room initially, last September.

The past nine months have been about a process, about looking at different ways in which to create. How do we go into a room with disparate ideas and create something interesting, original and true? Where do we start if we want to do something we’ve never done before? What happens when we step outside our comfort zone?

The eight Volition artists were flung far from their comfort zones with each workshop and challenge set by Volition. While for the most part the project provided inspiration, support and motivation, needless to say there was also plenty of divisive, frivolous and challenging points of view put forward. Through this open and passionate dialogue a community was created and Volition quickly became a very safe space in which to discuss, dissect and create.

What was presented on stage on Saturday 17th May was the culmination of nine months looking at the creative process. Each idea was something that had been morphed, pulled and interrogated with each workshop, each mode of practice, each conversation. What was presented was just a glimpse of what has been and of what, we hope, is yet to come.

Volition was a journey into the unknown, a true exploration for both mentors and mentees and one we would take again in a heartbeat.

Douglas Adams quote

Volition would not have been possible without the support of the Arts Council, Galway City Council, Town Hall Theatre and NUI Galway.

Thanks to our dynamic duo, Marianne Kennedy & Thomas Conway, who have been on hand for advice and support since 2011.

Venue support was also crucial to this process and NUIG, Nun’s Island Theatre, Town Hall Theatre & Druid Theatre were fundamental to this process.

The incredible contributions of Little John Nee, Noeline Kavanagh, WillFredd Theatre, Junk Ensemble, Conor Hanratty, Thomas Conway and Carl Kennedy as workshop facilitators were the creative heart of this project and we thank you all for your hard work and dedication to this project.

Baboró, Galway Theatre Festival and TULCA Festival of Visual Art – thanks for letting us ride your festival train. It was a blast.

We could go on but the orchestra are picking up their bows and flutes so it just remains to say thank you to everyone who supported Volition and came along to the event on 17th May and of course last but by no means least the people who really made it happen:

Danielle DeStefano, Siobhán Donnellan, Cathal Leonard, Evan Lordan, Caroline Lynch, Martin Maguire, Emma O’Grady and Eve Vaughan: Volition artists 2014. Legends.

Volition artists 2014



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