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2020 Vision: What Does the City’s European Capital of Culture Bid Mean for Independent Theatre Makers in Galway?

3 May

How do we, as a community, continue to make work and to grow creatively and professionally?
Do we have a unified vision for theatre making in 2020?
What are our individual ambitions for the city and how does our work sit within them?

On Monday 4th May we will hold an open meeting to discuss these and other questions that shape and concern the independent theatre community in Galway city & county. We hope this will be the first of many conversations which will lead to a better understanding of where we are at and where we would like to be headed.

All are welcome to attend this discussion which will centre around independent theatre makers (IE: those without on-going funding) based in Galway city and county.

Monday 4th May | 5pm | Connacht Print Works, Market Street

Presented in association with Galway Theatre Festival