Above: If Tim Burton did theatre . . . a scene from the first ever JOLT photo call


JOLT was founded in early 2011 with an all-hands-on-deck revamp of the Town Hall Theatre (THT) Studio space and the presentation of three original plays:

Sleep Skips My Heart by Sarah Griffin

The Best of John Lennon by Waterdonkey Theatre Company

The Pump by Dodo Theatre

Each of the companies received feedback from the JOLT panel (Thomas Conway, Patrick Lonergan and Marianne Ní Chinnéide) during the rehearsal period and at the end of each week-long run.

These three weeks of theatre then culminated in two evenings of Creative Quickies (short works in progress) featuring the work of Mick Donellan, Sideshow Productions and Hideki Noda among others.

Following the pilot, the panel met with the founders Craig Flaherty and Róisín Stack to discuss improvements for the next phase of JOLT, the results of which are currently being rolled out.

But before 2011 came to a close, there were the JOLTIES, a decadent, illustrious affair not forgotten by those who attended or by the fools who missed it. There were zebras, gold encrusted cushions, sex monkies and other stuff and things . . . . Photos below (zebras not in photos due to their flash-sensitive nature. No zebras were harmed in the imagination of this fabrication).

A very civilized dance-off or a very conspicuous drug deal

Look at that gene pool go

Conflicted emotions as Conor grips his Mug Award while grappling with his fear of cheap pottery

A happie chappie

Another nail in the coffin of good posing

Boozy musings. Intellectual, we assume


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