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Volition: the story so far (part three)

14 May


Shot from a Volition workshop

We last posted a comprehensive update in February, when we were in the thick of weekend of workshops and the infancy of running orders and production meetings. Since then, notions have been refined, decisions made, copy written, struggles overcome and born anew. We are so close to the climax of the nine month programme that the tension and excitement are palpable.

In March, participants met with Conor Hanratty who worked with them on reducing their idea to a pitch, explaining it easily and deciding what it is all about. Volition artists became clearer about the essence of their piece and the importance of being able to describe projects in a simple way, but in a way that conveys their own passion for it.

The following month Thomas Conway delivered a day-long session on the role of the dramaturg in theatre, giving participants plenty of food for thought and, for some, a new consideration around how to approach their piece.

April also saw the first ever Mentor Meeting Marathon where we wrapped up the show and tells, hammered out uncertainties, openly discussed fears and concerns ahead of Saturday 17th May, and tied together any other loose ends that were floating in the ether. From these conversations arose a debate on how we would term the evening, but for the most part it was about checking in to see what everyone needed going into the final month of Volition.


Emma O’Grady sets up her rehearsal space, May 2014

On Friday 9th May, venues across Galway city opened their doors to Volition artists’ seven-day residency. Sh*t just got real.

Carl Kennedy made the trip west on Tuesday 13th and had one-to-one sessions with some participants around sound, direction and writing. Today and tomorrow, Jessica Kennedy from Junk Ensemble meets with Volition artists once more to give feedback, support and expertise.

All that remains is for us all to get through the tech on Saturday and for people to show up to see this fantastic, diverse work from these hard-working, dynamic artists! We hope you will join us this Saturday for a glimpse into what Volition has been about and what work may come.

Tickets are €10 and can be purchased here or through the Town Hall Theatre 091 569 777. Show times is 6:30pm on Saturday 17th May.

**Limited places available to Eve Vaughan’s outdoor piece ‘Open’ which will be performed at 6pm. Email joltvolition@gmail.com to request a place**